Rochus Marr

Hm, I am interested into rhythm more than noise right now. Have been experimenting with drumming a bit. Maybe a video with noisy images would fit then? Like abstract shapes? I noticed in Antwerp, that the Schelde in some locations has really wonderful light patterns, which could be a sort of noise already, but which also express a rhythm. I guess a student from video or photography would know better how to cinematize them. What do you think?



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  1. yeah cool man, wanna do something with two drums ???? i know this other girl who wants to do screaming into a microphone with some saturation/distortion pedals … could be very loud or very subliminal or what is the word, sehr zacht, underneath the drums … interesting !!!

    whassap mi null vier achts funf neun funf neun neun funf vier, … we could record on location, put the drums where the light patterns reflect nice & the camera people could play with the reflections meanwhile


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